Chinese Display  We had a wonderful time showcasing our Chinese Display in the hall today.  A special thank you to Mrs Spencer and 5th and 6th Class who cooked us a delicious Chinese stirfry. We felt like we were in Beijing!  A huge thank you to all the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who came to visit. We loved showing you all that we have discovered about China. 
First and Second class have had a very busy few weeks. Aistear: We have started Aistear in our room and have been having great fun learning all about China. We explored the Chinese New Year festival, food and the Willow Pattern Story. We also discovered how to write our names in Chinese and reconstructed the Great Wall of China. We really enjoyed exploring the resources that parents sent in including Chinese stamps, pens, cookbooks, fact books and a box that once held Chinese tea leaves. In our Visual Arts area we made Chinese Drums, wall hangings with our names painted in Chinese, and dragons using egg cups.  The girls reconstructed the 'Temple of Heaven' in Beijing using play dough.  We recreated the characters from the 'Willow Pattern Story'.  The boys made famous Chinese landmarks - Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai and The Great Wall of China. Maths: Second class have been having great fun learning about positional words in Mat

First Term

First and Second Class have had a busy term! Ms Sherlock is delighted to welcome the new First Class into our classroom and it is great to see the children settling in well.    History walk Prior to Mrs Lawson's retirement, First and Second Class went on a historical walk around Rathdrum with Mrs Lawson as our tour guide!  We had great fun and were so well behaved that we got to have some fun in the playground as an extra treat.    Mrs Lawson's retirement  On Mrs Lawson's last day, we performed the song "Count on me" and the Irish poem "Duilleoga deasa deasa". We also made a special book for Mrs Lawson. Each child designed a page in the book and wrote a message for her. We really enjoyed Mrs Lawson's last day with a fantastic picnic and sports filled afternoon.  Maths Week Maths Week was great fun this year. Mrs Spencer designed a Crystal Maze which was an excellent learning experience. With the help of some Fifth and Sixth Class pupils, we m


Welcome to the 1st and 2nd Class Blog. We have been very busy during September and October so read on to hear more of our exciting activities.